HTC One S, OneS 1 Akku,BJ40100 1650mAh Battery

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HTC One S, OneS 1 Akku , BJ40100 1650mAh Battery


  • HTC accessory and choose quality and safety. 
  • Developed in co-ordination, they offer optimal performance. 
  • Surf the web and Enjoy your favorite mobile music and videos, Text, chat - stay connected when you're on the move. 
  • Stick with an original HTC battery And get the most out of your phone. 
  • HTC batteries provide you with a reliable, high-quality power source for your HTC. 
  • BJ40100 Battery - Made and developed by HTC Real Guaranteed High Capacity 1650mAh Rechargeable battery, recharge time and time again with minimal reduction in performance or capacity Helps limit environmental impact throughout the life cycle Lowest Best Price.
Battery Country of Origin : China

Compatibility : 
  • HTC One S
  • OneS 1 Akku
Technical Information
  • Battery Brand : HTC
  • Battery attributes : original battery
  • Battery Type : BJ40100
  • Battery capacity : 1650mAh
  • Voltage limit : 3.7V
Package Includes : 1 x Battery