Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2 Healthy Solution for Your Home

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Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2

10 minutes to clean air in a room
Performance reaches 330m3/h
Simple and beautiful
Mi Air Purifier 2 has many advantages, including high efficiency, quiet and pleasant work of the device, concise and aesthetic style that will suit any interior. As a result of optimization, Mi Air Purifier 2 has an updated system of air flow, CARD performance of 330m3/h. Thus, Mi Air Purifier 2 has higher performance, but its volume compared with Mi Air Purifier previous generation, decreased by 40%. Cleaning efficiency is also affected by squaring of room. For example, for one large circle for circulation of air in the living room of 23 m2, air cleaner took 10 minutes. Just a few minutes, and your room is filled with fresh and clean air. Feel the comfort, convenience and safety in your home.

Efficient purification filter, 360 ° into wind 3 layer purification
10 minutes, the room air look brand-new
Purification capacity up to 330 m3 / h
CADR value (purify) : 330 m3 / h
Using area: 23 m2 ~ 39 m2
WiFi module
Air quality sensor
Temperature and humidity sensor
Minimum power consumption: 1.5 W
Maximum power consumption: 31 w
Global wide voltage: 50/60 hz AC 100 v to 220 v
Packing size: 290 mm x 289 mm x 580 mm