Xiaomi WIFI Amplifier Wireless Wi-Fi Repeater Network Router Expander Antenna

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Xiaomi WIFI Amplifier Wireless Wi-Fi Repeater Network Router Expander Antenna Wifi Roteador Signal Amplifie Repetidor

Description : 
Compatible for Xiaomi Router, Xiaomi Router Mini.
The best partner of Xiaomi mi router, But not only work with xiaomi mi router, compatible with popular third-party router

House area is too large, too thick wall at home or other problems make the
WIFI signal is poor, or from time to time, leading to play games, watch movies,
and slow loading web pages, long waiting time.
In the toilet, balcony signal weak position of the insertion Xiaomi WIFI amplifier,
WIFI signal can be expanded up to double.

No manual switching WIFI, terminal device will automatically select
the best source. The amplifier is inserted Xiaomi WIFI router USB port, blue
indicator lights up automatic pairing is complete.
After pairing, just random into a different USB port, you can immediately use.

Insert the Xiaomi Wifi amplifier to the router, blue light show automatically paired.

No Settings, Automatically Update The Fireware.

Packaging Details: 1 X Xiaomi Wifi Amplifier

How to Connect:
For Mobile Use Scan the QR Code from Back Side of the Retail Package or Open the following link on your any mobile Browser
Install the Mi Home App
Create or Sign in with you Mi Account
Plug in Device at any Power supply like Mi power bank, Extension Board, and Wall Mount Socket
Find and Add New Device " Wifi Amplifier "
Configure with your existing Wifi
Device will Create New Wifi Hotspot in the name your existing wifi name xyz_Plus